Saurav Kumar


Hello fellow explorer! I'm Saurav kumar (a.k.a Rival) a software developer, but I'm not like other software developers. I'm not a genius with a pocket protector and a calculator. I'm just a regular guy who loves to code.

I'm not sure what it is about coding that I love so much. Maybe it's the challenge of solving problems. Maybe it's the satisfaction of seeing my code work. Or maybe it's just the fact that I can create something from nothing.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to share my love of coding with you.

And since the lack of creative mind sometime makes me not productive enough, so it would be great if you have some interesting idea to share or need some help in your upcoming projects.

Always up to discuss high-level system design, improving the system and thinking the unthinkable



  • Visualize the basic algorithms of pathfinding and sorting with animation.
  • Easy to understand and control the animation according to your wish like increasing the speed of animation, go to a specific position, watch each step of the algorithm at a time, etc.
  • The pathfinding algorithms currently included in the app are: Breadth-First Search, Depth- First Search, A-star search, Dijkstra's algorithm
  • Sorting Algorithms includes: Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Quick Sort Insertion Sort.
  • Tags:

  • Android
  • Java
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms


  • A command line tool to upload files to your Google drive account.
  • It uses the Google OAuth 2.0 to obtain the end user's Access Token and send a POST request to Google drive API.
  • By default it also changes the permission of the uploaded to make it accessible to everyone with the link.
  • Tags:

  • Java
  • Nodejs
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Apache CLI tools
  • Linux Shell scripting
  • HTTP

JParallel Download

  • Java application to download a parts of file in parallel, using multithreading.
  • Different threads request for a specific segment of data.
  • After all the thread finish downloading, all the parts are concated.
  • Tags:

  • Java
  • Linux Shell scripting
  • Multithreading
  • HTTP

Meme Shop

  • Android application to search and generate memes
  • Client-server architecture with all the meme stored in S3 and server side in Python
  • Simplified and intituative UI
  • Tags:

  • Android
  • Python
  • AWS S3/EC2


Java, C++, Javascript, Ruby, Bash Script
Ansible, Docker, Github
Mysql, MongoDB, Redis
Web Development
Ruby on Rails, Basic HTML + CSS, Javascript and Hosting
Cloud Services
Firebase, AWS (EC2, S3), Azure VM
DS and Algo, Android Studio, Linux, NGINX, Open source Contribution


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